Arthritis in the Knee



Of all the places where one can be affected by inflammation at the joints, arthritis in the knee is the most common one. Arthritis is primarily the swelling or inflammation of the joints of the body. There are many reasons due to which this may happen. The wear and tear of the cartilage at these joints is one of the common reasons. In case the inflammation is due to this reason, osteoarthritis is what follows and in case the same was due to the reaction of the immune system to some stimulus, what follows is commonly known as rheumatoid arthritis.

arthritis in the knees

Rheumatoid arthritis of the knee

In case of rheumatoid arthritis in the knee, the ailment is usually found to start as an inflammatory disorder in small joints like the fingers and the hands. Once time passes by, this ailment usually spreads to parts like the knees. In this case, the linings at the joints get affected and there is a fair amount of pain and inconvenience to the patient. There is no sure shot and permanent cure as such. However, there are many measures and therapies which have been able to reduce the effect and the extent of the spread of the arthritis. These are best when administered in the starting phases of the ailment as such.

Osteoarthritis of the knee

In this case, the cartilage between the joints just wears off and as a result, the cushioning between the moving bones is reduced. This type of arthritis in the knee also sets in slowly, affects the knee and causes paint to the patient. In certain cases, there are chances that on moving the knee, one can hear the bones grating due to the movement as well. With these symptom, the person frequently has problem in moving around, faces stiff knees, and even has indications of swelling on the outside of the knee area.

Causes of arthritis in the knee

There are many factors which have been narrowed down to when it comes to the cause of arthritis in the knee. Old age, work environment taxing the knees, hereditary causes, wear and tear of the cartilage and some other causes are what are commonly held responsible for the ailment. Of the two types, Osteoarthritis is the more common one. There are cases wherein the flat footed people have shown much more chances and results of getting arthritis in the knee. The same has also been proven in the Army after a study.


The ailment of arthritis in the knee is one which can tender the person incapable of carrying out one’s daily chores.  Therefore, there is a strict need to watch out for the symptoms of the ailment and in case these appear, a medical practitioner should be contacted at the earliest. A person suffering from arthritis in the knee needs to take all the precautions advised by the doctor and take all active measure possible to reduce the pace at which this ailment is affecting him or her.